Giant Redwoods

Three Giant Redwoods have recently appeared and with a bit of luck will soon be taller than the Scott Monument.


Sycamores are deceptively similar to the Norway maple.  If you are photographing in autumn and you are an idiot, you will get home to find you have 250 photos of maples and one sycamore.

London Plane

Anyone who's looked up on London pavements has probably seen the beautiful mottled bark of the London Planes.


This picture is ruined by the rodent in the middle, but you get the idea here about how fascinating bark can be.


The whitebeam is a park tree. There aren't many in the wild, which is maybe why so few people know much about them.  


Some trees grow as straight as pillars, but not the crooked Hawthorn.

The Argyle Owl

I'm grateful to the people who wander over while I'm taking pictures and point out things I'd never have noticed. Such as this owl. I was told he's been there for over eight years.


Elms are fantastically Gothic in the cold seasons.