If spring is the season for the Meadows cherries, autumn is the time to see the Bruntsfield Links maples.

They're one of the earlier-flowering trees, and their red buds produce beautiful green flowers.

Then come the bright new leaves.

When the sunlight catches some of the redder maples (such as the purple Norway Maple), the colour of the new leaves is astonishing.

Soon, some of the little starry buds open into florets; others into seed keys (green or red or purple, depending on the tree)

Maples are lovely all throughout the growing season, but in autumn they're so spectacular that I'm simply going to post a flurry of leaf photos. It's impossible to know when to stop. Sorry.

The best way to spot the finest shows of colour is simply to look up. It's the tops of the maples that are brightest, and if you don't have a polarising filter on your camera to reduce glare, the leaves are easier to shoot from underneath - especially the reds. 

Finally, winter arrives.

But there's always a new maple seedling, a few inches high. This one was caught in a late evening slant of sunshine, in the Pavilion Cafe garden.