Sweet Chestnuts

The spines of sweet chestnut husks are much longer and more prolific than those of the horse chestnut.

There are a few new sweet chestnuts around the park ...

... and a few established mature trees; a particularly fine one is near the Tollcross corner of the Meadows.

Sweet chestnut leaves turn a deep brown and gold in autumn.

The new growth in spring has very pretty tints of pink at first

One or two trees may still be carrying a few of last autumn's husks and withered foliage when the new leaves appear.

The new green husks split open in late autumn to reveal the seeds.

Sometimes they'll open while still on the tree

The park also has a couple of plantings of variegated trees.

Their autumn colour seems to be a little paler.

Don't mistake sweet chestnuts for the chestnut-leaved oak, whose foliage is disconcertingly similar. See for instance this one on Melville Drive: