Cultivated Flowers in Spring

Planted or wild, there are displays of flowers from February till winter.

Surprisingly, many trees produce attractive flowers, not just the cherries, but this page is focusing on the ground level for a change. The year's colour begins with the snowdrops.

Next up are the crocuses

And then the daffs and other narcissi.

Tsk, naughty dog.

Suddenly, primroses, tulips and hyacinths are everywhere in the flower beds and planters

But some years, winter comes charging back and throws a snowy cloak over everything. Here's a whiteout from March 2013.

As spring stumbles along, once the warmth comes and the risk of snow recedes, other park plantings join the usual annuals. A welcome addition to the bedding area near the children's playground, beside Hope Park Crescent, is catmint. Bees adore this. 

There's more catmint in the north-west corner of Bruntsfield Links, in the flowerbed by Bruntsfield Terrace.