Tree Trails

Two new resources are available, enabling you to walk around identifying the Meadows & Links trees using your smartphone.

I should mention first that your starting point for all things in this park are the fine folks of the Friends of the Meadows and Bruntsfield Links.

But if you want to name that tree, then I recommend two excellent resources.

First is the excellent TiCL app which is aiming to cover the UK. You can download it here for iPhone and Android.

Second is the Edinburgh Tree Map which is a fantastic new resource, just for Edinburgh. You can find info about most of the trees in the Meadows, and further afield. They're also on Twitter

At the moment, the first TiCL Tree Trail for the Meadows and Bruntsfield Links is a small trial version, which you can also partly preview on its TicL webpage. This mini-trail is based in the little fenced-off children's park beside Alvanley Terrace, on Whitehouse Loan.

As you'll see from the app, there are some huge mature trees and some attractive new plantings here. Among the young trees, look out especially for the five young Magnolias. The varieties are Galaxy, Heaven Scent, Kobus, Saucer and Spectrum. (In Autumn 2017, we'll also be getting some bird-friendly Rowans, kindly donated by a neighbour.)

Among the old trees, look especially for a towering example of what's said to be Britain's rarest type of elm, the Plot Elm. It appears to be surviving the threat of Dutch Elm disease.

Eventually, we'll have online trails all over the park so that folk can wander around the Meadows & Links, able to identify trees as they walk past them. There's also a plan to create a Heritage Trail with noticeboards. After all, not everyone has a smartphone.