This is not an official website, and (as will be obvious) I'm neither a tree expert nor a photographer. I just get my camera out and go for a daily stroll. I say stroll, but of course some days walking in Edinburgh is like

You can go for a very fine stagger in the Meadows if you don't object to being whacked in the face by bits of airborne bench.

Although I photograph their trees, the Meadows and Bruntsfield Links are mostly open space: windblown and several degrees colder than the surrounding streets.

Yet it's never empty. Any dry day of the year, someone will be flinging a frisbee and some other stranger will be sitting on a bench, watching. The feeblest hint of sun and warmth brings out the disposable BBQs. And even when the grass is soaked from winter thunderstorms, dogwalkers and commuters reappear the minute the rain slows.

By late spring the park will be full of cricketers, footballers, runners, smokers, bikes and prams. Every kind of wheeled thing:

I'm happy for pictures here to be downloaded and used for personal or educational (not commercial) purposes, as long as you link back to this site. All pictures with children in them have had the faces obscured.

Pics appear most weeks on the Twitter account, SunshineOnLeaf.

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