In particular, I recommend:
  • The excellent volunteers of the Friends of the Meadows & Bruntsfield Links, for most things Meadows-related. They put in an immense amount of work to enhance the landscape and have raised funds for the new noticeboards you might have seen round the main paths. The new paintwork and roof repair on the Pavilion cafe was their doing too. They meet one Saturday a month to carry out litter-picking, path management, pruning and whatever else needs done 
  • Greening Our Street, another hard-working bunch of locals who have established a lovely wildflower patch in the Meadows by Lauriston Street and are now working on gardens and windowboxes
  • The equally excellent volunteers of the Friends of the Pentlands, who've planted five arboretums of native trees that you can visit in the Pentlands (Edinburgh's neighbouring hills), and produced an accompanying leaflet which also gives the Gaelic names for some of the trees that grow in the Meadows
  • the Pavilion Café and the Police Box CaféAll around the area there are great independent cafés and carryouts. These two however are situated on the Meadows and are closely involved in the volunteer work, so they deserve special mention.

A big help in identifying trees, especially for beginners, is being able to see their closest relatives. The newer Meadows trees all come from one supplier, and its website has lots of good photos. I've included links to that wherever I'm sure that's where a particular tree has been bought from.  For the older trees I just link to trustworthy organisations whose pages have clear illustrations.